For some travelling the world is a dream but imagine travelling the world and doing your dream job. For Sophie Hodgkinson, a former Beauty Therapy Level 3 student, this is her reality.

Sophie decided to apply for a position with luxury cruise liner company Steiner after a representative from the company came into the College. She attended a presentation on job roles and opportunities they have on offer to Beauty Therapy students who wish to pursue a career on the high seas. This is where the dream began and so she applied for a role with the company.

After attending an interview in Leeds and competing in different heats, including; public speaking and a written exam, Sophie received the news she had been longing for. Her dream job was waiting for her.

Sophie said “I felt like I’d just got through one of the rounds at the X Factor or that I’d even won.”

Before setting sail, Sophie had to take part in a number of training courses in London to make sure she was ready to take on the challenge of being at sea for long periods of time and to make sure that she would be confident in her role. She then set sail in August 2013.

Now Sophie is half way through her contract on the Rhapsody of the Seas in Australia, which is part of the Royal Caribbean line. She is the on board Ionithermist which means that she is doing all the electrical body treatments, massages and facials. She is also training to be a Leader Trainer as she has now been appointed to be the Head Therapist.

Sophie said: “I’m so glad I came to this College or I probably wouldn’t have got this opportunity. I really hope other students get the opportunity to work on cruise ships because it’s absolutely amazing.”

“I’m on the Rhapsody of the Seas in Australia; it’s a Royal Caribbean line. I’m half way through my contract now started training to be a leader trainer as I’ve been appointed to be head therapist. I am the ionithermist on board, so I do the electrical body treatments as well as massage and facials every now and again.

“I’m so glad I came to this College or I probably wouldn’t have got this opportunity”

Sophie Hodgkinson
Beauty Therapy

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