Rotherham College’s ground breaking partnership between its Hair and Media Make-Up department and the Clinical Simulation Department at the local NHS hospital provides students with a unique experience. As part of the course of the course, students research and create moulage effects simulating simulating illness and injuries which are used on state of the art manikins within NHS training and medical diagnostics sessions. Working alongside a wide range of healthcare professionals as well as highly experienced College staff, students learn from experts, operating to high professional standards in real world environments.

Sandra Lakin and Emily Day have had the opportunity to attend Clinical Simulation conferences, deliver a Moulage training workshop to NHS technicians and Sandra has developed a revolutionary Tonsillectomy prototype.

“I never imagined how valuable the partnership with the NHS Clinical Simualtion and Rotherham College would be to my career journey”

Sandra Lakin
Specialist Make-Up

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Saturday 29 June
10.00am – 12.00pm