A former international football referee, who is regarded as one of the best referees ever produced in England, enrolled as an adult learner at Rotherham College to enhance his career skills after he was appointed to FIFA’s international referees’ list in 2005.

Rotherham-born Howard Webb, who has officiated 500 Premier League and Football League matches, the 2010 World Cup Final and Champions League Final, studied French at Rotherham College in 2005-2007.

Webb considered further education later in his career to help progress his career aspirations.

“It’s never too late to learn new skills,” he said.

“Throughout my entire career I’ve had to push myself to learn new skills and overcome challenges, so returning to education was something I relished.

“Anything that gives you an edge or the chance to skill yourself up can open up new opportunities, whether you’re looking for employment, career progression or a change in career completely.”

Howard went on to reach the pinnacle of his career and in 2010; he became the first person to referee the finals of both the UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup in the same year.

Regarded as the best English referee of his generation, he brought an end to his 25 year refereeing career in 2014. He’s now the technical director of the official referees’ association and the ambassador for Sport FX South Yorkshire.

He recalls how he enjoyed the social side of his course and believes Rotherham College helped progress his illustrious career as a football referee.

He said: “The skills you get at Rotherham College open up new opportunities. And on top of that, it’s quite a social activity and you get to meet new people.

“You feel like you are part of something and are all on the same learning journey.” He added: “I was lucky enough to be involved in some of the biggest occasions on the football field around the world, and I believe my two years at Rotherham College played some part in that success.”

“I refereed some of the biggest matches in world football; Rotherham College played their part in my success

Howard Webb

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