Amy Skelley was originally studying a Fashion Degree at another university, but due to complicated circumstances with tutors and other elements of the course, Amy decided to come to Rotherham to do a Fashion HND course which eventually evolved into a BA (Hons) Degree.

Amy said, “I was debating if I truly wanted to be in fashion after my experience at my previous university, but after enrolling onto my Fashion course at Rotherham College, I enjoyed the aspect of it being a small group because it meant I had more room to do my work, I wasn’t waiting for machines to free up, and I could interact with my peers in a relaxed environment.”

During her course, Amy was free to experiment with 3-D machines, pattern cutting techniques and laser cutters, a machine that Amy has started to specialise in. Amy also learnt valuable skills in Photoshop and Illustrator software, as well as learning more theory-based knowledge in fashion and art history.

Amy said, “The tutors and technicians that helped us out on the course were great and easy to talk to – if we didn’t know or understand something we could ask them for some advice or knowledge on the problem we faced.

“I had a lot of one to one with tutors who were there if you were stuck and you could ask for their help. We also had scheduled feedback where the tutor would spend longer with you, helping you come up with ideas and build your confidence.”

Amy achieved a First in her Degree and is currently working as a Fashion Technician at Rotherham College, as well as working towards her aspirations as an independent Fashion Designer.

Amy added, “I have gained a lot more confidence after completing my Degree and it cemented what I really wanted to do with my own brand, trying to change the world for the better. Becoming a technician for the college too has helped me learn new aspects of the fashion industry, such as behind the scenes and how running a studio is all about.

“If you want somewhere where you can grow and develop, the Fashion course at Rotherham College is the best place to have the chance to experiment with your ideas, in an environment that is relaxed and supportive. It’s lots of hard work, there are many deadlines to meet and sometimes you don’t think you can complete on time – but if it’s truly what you want to do, you can do it!”

“I enjoyed the aspect of it being a small group, because it meant I wasn’t waiting for machines to free up and I could interact with my peers in a relaxed environment.”

Amy Skelley
BA (Hons) in Fashion

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