Rotherham College BSc Computing and Systems Development student, Zack Friel, celebrated his graduation and at the same time was awarded the Outstanding Award for his remarkable efforts and dedication towards his education.

Zack was originally working as a warehouse stock coordinator whilst pursuing his interest in computing, prompting him to take on a HNC in Computing at North Notts College and afterwards a HND in Computing at Rotherham College.

Zack says, “I have always enjoyed computing and I aimed to get a job working with computers – during my course, web design was the area that most caught my eye.

“I originally didn’t get the grades to go to University – I was applying for a Level 3 in Computing at North Notts College when it was suggested to me to apply for a Higher Education course in computing instead and from there I moved to Rotherham College to continue my studies. I felt that the tutors were very friendly and all the classes were smaller, meaning the tutors could take their time to teach and assist me with any issues I may have come across.”

Due to his interest Zack gained specific knowledge in website design through his Degree course and excelled in units focusing on web design aspects. Zack also had many networking opportunities, including the chance to use physical servers and overall gain more in-depth knowledge in digital skills.

Zack commented, “Support was given to me whenever needed and if I felt I had an issue, I could easily sit down with my tutor and explain to him and he would do what he could to help; this was the same for all of the tutors I encountered.

“Unfortunately at one point during my course I was off for around 4-6 weeks due to medical reasons. However, the tutors were happy to give me any help I needed to help me catch up with any work I had missed.

“Personally I benefitted hugely from this course – it helped me develop my technical skills, my confidence and even led me on to get my current job.”

During Zack’s studies he secured a temporary position with the college as Digital Marketing Officer which became a permanent full-time position in the marketing team.

Zack added, “Without the course I would not have had the confidence to apply for a job like this and I would recommend the College to anyone, especially to people like me who are wanting to study locally, or looking for an alternative route to take.”

“Places like Rotherham College and the new University Centre Rotherham (UCR) will be more of interest to people who are also wanting to study closer to home will get people thinking about going back into education and gaining the qualifications they need, to pursue the career they want.”

“Personally I benefitted hugely from this course – it helped me develop my technical skills, my confidence and even led me on to get my current job.”

Zack Friel
BSc (Hons) in Computing and Systems Development

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Saturday 29 June
10.00am – 12.00pm