Jack, 18, from Sheffield was a previous Winterhill High School pupil who enjoyed school and came away with good grades in his GCSEs.

Jack decided to come to Rotherham College and study on the ICT Level 3 in computing course and is really enjoying his course.

“I look forward to coming to College in the morning and enjoy the work I do.” said Jack, “I also tinker a bit with computers at home as I just find it fascinating learning all about them.  I enjoy some areas more than others. My favourite part of computing is working physically with and on computers, I enjoy learning about the physical aspect of computer systems and how components work together. Once I have completed this course I intend to look for an apprenticeship or possibly continue studying IT. I’m not too sure yet. “I was fortunate enough to get a work placement at Magna in Rotherham over the summer and really had a good taste of working for a living.  I enjoyed the experience and undertook an array of duties such as data inputting, company invoicing, data for contact information, food orders, answered the phone and also worked as a greeter for a Magna stand at an event. I had a great time although it’s not what I want to do for a living, the experience was great. Ideally I would like to work within an IT department for a company as a technician/administrator, physically working with machines and on machines when needs be.

“The tutors are great here and really supportive and know their stuff.  I’ve had a great time on this course up to date”

“I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in computers.  I’ve made lots of new friends as well, people who have the same interests as me in computers.  What’s the next step for me?  I really don’t know yet, I have a couple of options, it will either be to continue studying IT or look for an apprenticeship towards the end of my course”

“The tutors are great here and really supportive and know their stuff.  I’ve had a great time on this course up to date.”

Jack Dowell
Level 3 Computing

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