The Child Care industry is traditionally associated with being a female-oriented industry. But a former student of Rotherham College broke the perception after seeing the importance of having male role models can be to children in the classroom.

Charlie Wright, who recently completed his Child Care and Development Level 2 course at the College, has been volunteering at East Dene Primary School prior to starting his course. He was inspired to become a Teaching Assistant and opted to develop his skills at Rotherham College.

Charlie said: “I decided to do a course at Rotherham College because of the College’s excellent location and because I had heard a lot of positive things about it from previous students.”

He added: “I enrolled on the Health and Social Care Level 1 course, before progressing on to Child Care and Development Level 2.

“I loved my course and the people on it. The tutors were great and the support the College offered was fantastic; I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

Charlie completed his course in 2014 and is now a Teaching Assistant at East Dene Primary School. He urges anyone thinking about a career in childcare, especially males, to ‘go for it’.

With many primary schools in England having no male registered teachers, Charlie emphasised the need for more males to enter the profession, saying “currently, there are not enough males in childcare and it’s vital to get more working in the sector.

“It’s extremely important for children to have male role models in any childcare setting, especially as many children don’t have fathers or male role models in their lives.

As Charlie continues to develop his skills, he recalls how he used the skills he learnt on his course and transferred them into his working environment. Charlie says: “When I’ve had to deal with situations or tasks in the classroom for the first time, I’ve recalled what I did on my course and put it into practice.

“My course definitely prepared me for employment. The advice and guidance provided to me by the tutors has been a great help.”

Charlie has already been given a lot of responsibility at the school and hopes that it will continue to increase as he gains more experience.

Don’t be put off by the stigma that childcare is a female-oriented industry. The rewards you reap from being a male in this environment are massive.”

Charlie Wright
Childcare and Development

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