Changing career at any age can be a daunting prospect but Rebecca Carpenter is now enjoying the rewards of taking the step of going back into education.

Rebecca started at Rotherham College in September 2013 on the Access to HE Diploma: Humanities course after doing A-Levels with the Open University. She felt that she struggled with the lack of interaction with tutors and the fact that she hadn’t studied for a number of years, she was out of practise with her assignment writing. Instead she came to Rotherham College and discussed her options with Student Services and received advice about what was the best route for her to take.

She knew that she wanted to be a teacher but expected that she may have to go to school and study A-Levels.

The Access to HE Diploma: Humanities is the ideal course for anyone wanting to make a career change or get back in to education in preparation for moving on to university. This course is not just aimed at those interested in sociology and psychology but can be the perfect platform for those wanting to go into teaching, social work or even law.

A key part of the course are study skills where the students are taught how to manage their time, be organised, use computer software and develop many other key skills they will need in their chosen career.

At College, Rebecca received lots of support from her tutor Helen and was supported by Head of the Business, Computing and Education department, Ken Merry.

Rebecca said: “The tutors are very helpful. They guide you through the UCAS process in order to apply to university and give you a great reference. If you don’t want to go to university there is lots of support with applying for jobs or other prospects.”

Rebecca is now studying at Sheffield Hallam University doing regular placements in schools. After she has completed her degree she will have received her qualified teacher status and will be looking for a permanent position as a teacher in a school.

Rebecca said: “Definitely go for it. Don’t be put off by financial worries, there is financial support available through the College. You get to meet loads of new people and it helps build your confidence. It’s a great experience and it opens many doors.”

“Definitely go for it.  It’s a great experience and it opens many doors.”

Rebecca Carpenter
Access to Higher Education: Humanities

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