Melissa has loved acting since primary school where she took part in acting groups, a passion that she carried on at GCSE and eventually to study Level 3 Performing Arts at Rotherham College.

Melissa explained, “At first I stayed on at my local sixth form studying English Literature, Film Studies and Drama, but from doing this I learned that I really didn’t enjoy being in a class room anymore – all I wanted to do was be in a rehearsal room or on the stage, and so I decided to look at an acting course as it had been a passion of mine for so long.”

Melissa feels as though she has grown as a person and a performer, helping her find her own identity. From Shakespeare to singing lessons, these skills achieved on her course are all things an actor needs for the future industry. She said, “By far the best thing about this course is the opportunities you get – they are second to none from workshops with industry professionals to auditions with local theatre companies and of course, performing at the Royal National Theatre in London!”

Tutors delivering the courses all have their own role and are there to support whenever needed, whether it be helping prepare for an Audition or an approaching show, offering guidance every step of the way. Melissa said, “The tutors experience in the professional world helps you immensely as you can reflect on their experiences and helps give you something to aim for.”

Studying Performing Arts at Rotherham College has also given Melissa the opportunity to perform at the Crucible in Sheffield for a week long show and one step closer to gaining a place at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), one of the top arts schools in the UK.

Melissa adds, “I will be forever grateful to everyone who has helped me achieve such amazing things as such an early stage in my career. I personally wasted a year doing something because it’s what my friends were doing instead of following my heart. Now I’m doing what I really love and I would never look back and change a thing. If it’s what you love you’ll do well and go far, because you are surrounded by amazing people and opportunities that help you progress.”

“The course has helped me grow as a performer and develop skills for the industry.”

Melissa Radford
Level 3 Peforming Arts: Acting

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